Some of Matt's papers, articles and commentary are reproduced below. Nothing in this material should be relied upon as legal advice or for any other purpose. The material is likely to be out-of-date, and to contain errors and omissions.

Tips for a Successful Statutory Review

12 February 2021. Matt delivered a talk at an Australian Lawyers Alliance conference on the topic of 'Tips for a Successful Statutory Review', with a focus on 'mid-tier review' processes – that is, internal or external reviews that sit a tier below formal reviews and appeals in bodies like the QIRC or AAT. These are Matt's speaking notes.

Model Litigant Obligation

5 March 2020. Matt prepared this paper for a Legalwise seminar in Brisbane on 5 March 2020. The paper discusses the sources and nature of obligations that fall on Government lawyers in respect of the model litigant obligation, and some issues that can arise. The paper follows on from this 2019 paper on the same topics.

WorkCover Psychiatric Injury Claims

14 June 2017. Matt delivered a talk at an Australian Lawyer's Alliance event on the topic of certain liability issues relating to psychiatric injury claims under the Workers' Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003. These are Matt's speaking notes.

GEPI - Status, Construction and Judicial Review

5 February 2017. This paper discusses the status of the Queensland Guidelines for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (GEPI) as a statutory instrument. It provides a general overview in relation to some points of interpretation and issues arising in judicial review of assessments made pursuant to the GEPI.

Overview of the Comcare scheme

23 September 2016. This paper provides a general overview of the 'Comcare scheme' (the Commonwealth workers' compensation scheme). It outlines some of the main types of compensation claims that are litigated in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and some of the general concepts that are involved.

Judicial review of decisions (and status of reasons for decisions)

8 March 2016 (updated 6 August 2016). Matt prepared this paper for the Legalwise seminar "The Decision Making and Reason Writing Process" held in Brisbane. The paper was kindly presented by Mr Matthew Taylor of counsel, due to Matt's unexpected unavailability. The paper includes a discusion of the evidentiary status of reasons in judicial review proceedings.

Stay orders and disciplinary sanctions

8 September 2015. Matt prepared and presented this paper at the Queensland Law Society seminar "In Focus: Disciplinary Law". The paper discusses the power of QCAT and the AAT to stay disciplinary sanctions pending review, and matters for consideration when preparing an application for a stay order.